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About Us

Welcome to Arena Frischmarkt, your place to go for international groceries!

For us, everything revolves around the diversity of cuisines from all over the world. Our supermarket offers you a unique selection of high quality and authentic international food,

to delight your taste buds and enrich your culinary adventures.


Our dedicated team is made up of passionate food enthusiasts, always striving to provide you with an inspiring shopping experience. We search the whole world

to find you the best ingredients, spices and delicacies to take home

can conjure up unforgettable dishes.

You will find an impressive range of products from different countries and regions on our well-stocked shelves. From exotic spices and sauces to fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat and seafood, we offer you a wide range of international delicacies.

In addition to our extensive range, we attach great importance to quality and freshness.

We work closely with trusted suppliers,

to ensure our products are always of the highest quality.

Our fresh produce department is replenished daily with fresh, seasonal products,

so that you can always find the best ingredients for your dishes.

At Arena Frischmarkt we don't just want to be a supermarket,

but also a source of inspiration for your culinary discoveries.

That's why we regularly offer cooking courses, tastings and events,

to bring you closer to the secrets and flavors of the different cuisines.

Visit our supermarket and let the fascination of the

enchant international cuisine.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always at your disposal,

to assist you with your purchases or to make recommendations.

We look forward to bringing you closer to the world of international food

and enrich your culinary adventures.

Discover new worlds of taste with Arena Fresh Market!

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